No Visit List Request Form

The City Secretary maintains a "No Visit" List, consisting of addresses where the owner or resident has advised the City that the owner or resident restricts visits to the property by peddlers or solicitors.  The City Secretary is providing a form for owners or residents to complete and return to the City Secretary to place an address on the "No Visit" List.  The "No Visit" List shall be a public document and may be reproduced on the City website. 

A copy of the then-current "No Visit" List will be provided to each applicant who receives a solicitation permit.  It is a violation of this ordinance for a peddler or solicitor to visit an address listed on the "No Visit" List.

If a peddler or solicitor makes contact with you at your "No Visit" residence, please call Selma Police Dispatch at (210) 653-0033.  Please provide the dispatcher with a thorough physical description of the person and vehicle, as well as the direction of travel.

The "No Visit" List is a public document and can be downloaded by clicking HERE.