Professional Standards Division


Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done and officers of the Selma Police Department are no different.  The nature of law enforcement is such that many commendable acts go unnoticed.  When you receive service from our Department which you feel is worthy of a commendation, we would like to hear about it.   

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The Professional Standards Division is responsible for ensuring that the integrity of the Department is maintained through an internal system where objectivity, fairness, and justice are assured. The Professional Standards Division conducts impartial investigations and reviews of all allegations of member misconduct or accusations against the department.

The activities of the Professional Standards Division include:

  • Recording, registering, and controlling the investigation of complaints against members
  • Supervising and controlling the investigation of alleged or suspected misconduct within the Department
  • Forwarding the findings to the appropriate office

To contact the Professional Standards Division, you may email Lieutenant Jerry Grubbs or contact by phone at (210) 651-7820.

Formal complaint forms can be picked up at the Selma Police Department day or night by any on-duty supervisor or they may also be mailed to you. Formal complaints against Police Officers are accepted in writing and signed by the person making the complaint. Formal complaints will need to be signed in the presence of a notary. This can be done at the Selma Police Department at no charge. You may make an appointment with the Professional Standards Division to arrange and complete that process. Just as citizens who are arrested must be notified of the charges against them, Police Officers must also be notified and provided a copy of the complaint prior to any potential employment action.

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The Department does not accept complaints later than 90 days from the date of the incident related to the complaint, with exception to very special cases such as criminal misconduct, or when good cause can be shown making the complaint sooner was not possible or practical. Complaints must be made by a person who “has standing:” i.e., the actual recipient of police misconduct, a person who witnesses an unlawful act by a Police Officer, or parents/legal guardians making complaints on behalf of minors. The
Professional Standards Division does not accept complaints in regard to the guilt or innocence of defendants in traffic ticket cases and/ or criminal offenses. Those matters are reserved to the judgment of the proper judicial court for adjudication.