Compliance Dismissals

Violations written for the following may be dismissed if proof of compliance and any associated dismissal fee is presented to the court on or before your court date.

Expired Vehicle Registration

For a dismissal, please provide:
  • Proof of renewed registration
  • The receipt must show that a late penalty fee was paid at the time of renewal
  • $20 dismissal fee

Expired Driver’s License

Please provide:
  • Proof of renewed license
  • $20 dismissal fee

Fail to Display Drivers License

Please provide:
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • $10 dismissal fee


Insurance violations (failure to maintain financial responsibility) can be dismissed if proof is provided to the court that the vehicle or the driver of the vehicle was covered in an active policy at the time of violation. The driver of the vehicle cannot be listed as an excluded driver on the vehicle’s insurance policy. There is no dismissal fee associated with insurance dismissals.

If no insurance policy covered the car or driver on the date of the citation, a defendant may speak with the judge about requesting deferred disposition.